Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Back to Groovy

The past few evenings I have been working on my Groovy scarf. After cabling all weekend I needed a bit of mindless knitting. All you need to know is knit, purl, increase and cast on/off.

My scarf is in Lang Donegal. I just joined the second ball. I'm guessing I will end up using three to get a nice big scarf.

Download the pattern on Ravelry
This design is a balanced triangle shape suitable to knit up as a shawl or large, deep scarf. The design has very deep ribs and notches on one side. It is also designed to be used with 4mm needles and DK yarn. You will need a minimum of 500 meters of yarn for a large scarf and closer to 900 meters for a large shawl. Using more yarn will result in a deeper, larger shawl. This design is quite flexible!
Annie has written the pattern now for sock or lace weight.
This asymmetrical shawl is knit in stockinette and reverse stockinette stitches. You start at one end and continue knitting until you run out of yarn or sooner if you reach the desired size. You may use lace or sock weight yarns or something in between! Use 2.00mm to 3.00mm needles. You will need a minimum of 800 meters lace weight yarn or 700 meters of sock weight yarn.
If you need some mindless car knitting (while someone else is driving of course) for the holidays, this is a good one.

This morning Anne, Candice and Darlene stopped in to look at some Rowan yarn. Candice brought in the cutest thing she had knit. Shadow Box. It is a cross between a cowl and a cape.

See the original on Ravelry...

Candice used single strand Rowan Lima. It was so soft and snuggly. She wears in when flying to keep her warm. We have the same problem-always being cold on a plane. Darlene put it on and modelled for us. Sorry I should have taken a picture. Everyone who was in the store at that time took down the name to download the pattern. It's free.

I will be working on Groovy tonight while watching Survivor. I need to pay attention to the TV and send all my thoughts to everyone left so that they get rid of Abi. Come on. I don't want to see her in the finale. It sounds like a good idea to take someone who you are pretty sure you can beat but that can back fire big time. Imagine if she ends up winning.


life ldc said...

For a minute I thought Abi was going to make it to the final 4.....thank goodness not!

Thanks for all the help okay......we had a great time!

Anonymous said...

I was intrigued by your description of the Shadow Box garment so checked it out on Ravelry. Why ???? do pattern writers use photos of dark garments where it is next to impossible to see the details? I had to scroll through several of the 142 projects to locate a clear photo of the item.