Friday, August 28, 2020


I received pictures from Sarah yesterday afternoon.
Just when you think you are done a sweater and realise that the arm grew 4” when blocked! I wanted the body blocked out quite a bit to be a more slouchy fit but then didn’t fully think about how that would drop the shoulder down thus very long arms. Even long for my gorilla arms lol. Good thing I’m not scared to rip back. One sleeve done. Won’t take long for the other then I really will be done! 
This is a great reason for knitting your sleeves top down. It’s easy to fix the length if you need to.

If your pattern calls for knitting the sleeves from the cuffs up there is a trick that you can do. Cast on above the ribbing with a provisional cast on. Knit the sleeves as the pattern calls for. When your sweater is finished (blocked and sewn together) you take out the provisional cast on and knit the cuffs. You can knit the cuffs longer or shorter if you need to.

Rowan Knitting & Crochet Magazine 68 can be preordered on the website. I will have copies ready to ship out on Tuesday morning. If you order for pick up it will be available at 10:30 on Tuesday morning.
I’ve added screenshots of garments along with the amount of yarn required for the pattern to the website. You can order yarn with the book and be ready to cast on this week.

I did the same for Mode Collection 3.

Boscoe loves to lie in a chair. He spent time in different chairs at work today.
And as I am writing he is lying in his chair at home.

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