Friday, August 21, 2020

Enamel Pins

Enamel pins came today. These are from Pretty Warm Designs and I will get them on the website over the weekend. They are available on the website. What a great way to dress up your knitting bag.

We have new stitch markers as well.

It was a busy day for shipments. I have a lot to unpack next week. 6 boxes from Rowan. Our fall order (minus the magazines) has arrived. There is also a box of Addi needles and Zauberball Crazy.

After I closed the store I went grocery shopping (it’s pizza Friday) and then came home with the intention of working but instead I sat down and knit.

Dinner is done and I have spent the last 1/2 hour fixing my knitting. I made a mistake that I couldn’t figure out. Yup. I’ve knit the shawl three times already. Beth asked me if it is a hard pattern. No. I think someone was getting me for knitting instead of working this afternoon. It’s fixed now and I’m going to continue on.

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