Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Ice Blue

It’s that time of year - we are getting ready for the launch of the new Rowan Magazine.
Rowan Magazine 68 will be in the store on September 1.
These garments are all knit in Alpaca Classic.
 This is a brand new colour coming for fall - Ice Blue.
With its fine weight and intense colour palette, Alpaca Classic is ideal for Fair Isle patterns and light but warm garments and accessories. Its feathery feel and romantic halo are created by filling delicate cotton mesh with luxurious alpaca fibres, resulting in a light weight yarn with incredible meterage and spectacular texture. Knitted on larger needles, it makes an exciting choice for lace patterns too.

I’ve been working on updating the shawl cuffs on the website over the past week. Most of the Knox Mountain cuffs have been photographed. I took the new Robin’s Egg cuff and put it on our Botanic Wrap. I didn’t even think to take a picture of the whole shawl. Tomorrow.

The top cuff is Original width with Brass hardware. The bottom cuff is the Slim width with Copper hardware. The circumference of the cuffs is the same, it’s the width of the leather that is different.

I’m very early today because it is a busy TV night. Tough as Nails then Big Brother. I know, how can I watch Big Brother? I say the same thing every year and then I get sucked in. It’s a good show to knit to, you don’t have to pay very much attention.

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Lois Evensen said...

What exciting patterns. And, I LOVE the ice blue! I'm a blue gal for sure, but not in the sense that blue is sad. Blue is the beautiful, peaceful, calming color of the sky and sea. The new cool blue yarn is spectacular!