Thursday, May 30, 2019


Mr. Canada Post delivered a large box from Life in the Long Grass this morning. Oh my goodness. The colours are amazing. We had no idea it had been shipped. I thought middle of June. What a surprise.

We received Singles, Fine Sock and DK Twist. We've been adding colours to the website and will add the rest when the next box arrives.

The new website has been a bit of a learning curve. Many of the yarns we need to photograph ourselves. I think that I have finally figured out what works the best. Unfortunately it comes after we have photographed a lot of yarn. This was LITLG Singles before new pictures.
Now all the colours have been photographed with the skeins facing in the same direction. There are no labels in the way of the colours.
This has opened a whole can of worms. Now we need to photograph a lot of yarn.

This is Alex's latest project.
Meet Tegna knit out of Uschitita.
Tegna is knitted seamlessly from the bottom up, starting with the slightly flared lace hem, then working up to the armholes, where you separate your work and work the front and back flat.  
Knit in fingering weight yarn, this design works equally well in wool, a wool/mohair blend or linen. Instructions are given to customize the body and sleeve lengths to your preference.
These could be the colours that I use for Joji's Washed Out (see yesterday's post). I will make the final decision after the second box comes but I really like these three together.
It's 8pm and almost time for bed. I stayed up and watched the hockey game last night which meant not a full nights sleep. Tomorrow morning I am golfing in a tournament with Beth. We need to be there at 8am. I don't think I should say that I'm tired in the morning - she won't be happy with me😘

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