Friday, May 17, 2019

Home Again

I went straight from the airport to the store. I wanted/needed to see the new colours.
They are beautiful.

Both Hedgehog and Uschitita have added a lot of semi-solids to their colours.
These are the three new Skinny Single Potlucks. I will get them photographed and on the website over the weekend.

I quickly laid out some skeins before heading home.

I was very tired so I left the skeins laid out and will play again tomorrow.

Yesterday was a long day. I started a post and then remembered at midnight that I hadn't finished it. I was trying to get to my armholes and almost made it. Two more rows. Everyone on the plane today was commenting on how great my sweater looks.

Dad and Lucy are here and we just made pizza for dinner. After the golf is finished we are going to have a game of dice. Then Beth and I will watch the finale of Survivor. I should make it to the armhole split.
I didn't make it to the armhole split. Once the chart was finished the pattern asked for 4 rows of the main colour. UGH. I'm almost finished those 4 rows. The split will happen tomorrow.

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