Sunday, May 26, 2019


Kim Hargreaves has a new pattern book that should be arriving on Tuesday.
A collection with an air of femininity and bohemian ease. The designs pretty, the shades ethereal, combined they create a harmonious mix to recharge and calm. Contains 12 designs for women.

It was Lucy and I today. Dad and Beth went for a drive to Niagara to meet with a dog breeder. Our name is in for a Golden Doodle. We might get him/her in July. If not from that litter it will be October. We are very excited. The house is quiet without a dog.

I did a bit of knitting today. Dad and Lucy just left so I'm going to get a few more rows knit. I might be able to join the third colour tonight.
It's bed time and I didn't quite make it to the third colour. I think I have four more rows. I need to be up early and get my Edge cleaned. My lease is up and it goes back to the dealership tomorrow. Unfortunately Ford didn't get my new Edge made yet. It will be coming in about a month.

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