Monday, May 13, 2019

Hello Myrtle Beach

My ride today. Normally we get the yellow plane. I think this one was very new.

The Namaste Backpack is perfect for traveling. Mine goes very well with my carry on bag.

As I was getting on the plane a young boy (5 or 6) was coming out of the cockpit. I made a comment to the pilot and he invited me to come up. I dropped my bags and grabbed my phone. When I got in the cockpit he told me to take a seat. Then he told me to grab the joy stick and pretend I was flying.

It was awesome! I would love to be a pilot. I asked if it was okay to take more pictures and they were more than happy to talk for a while. 

Thanks Theron and Timothy for letting me come up and play.

I knit 8 rows on Guthrie today. That is quite a lot - I think I have close to 350 stitches on my needle. I’d like to knit more but it’s almost bed time. I have a few chores yet. I need to change the sheets on my bed. We have a locked closet in the house so that we can keep clothes and toiletries here. I have my own sheets and a special pillow. 

I’m sorry to tell you that it is hot in Myrtle Beach. It was 5C when I left home this morning so I had on a turtle neck and rain jacket. When I arrived here at 5pm it was 84F. I had to change in the washroom before leaving the airport.

Cracker Barrel has already called to make sure that I will be there in the morning for breakfast. I assured them that I will be there and that they should have my French Toast ready. :)

I’ll get knitting pictures tomorrow when the sun is out. For those wondering about taking needles on the plane - I had the circular needle my sweater is on plus 3 extras. If I get the yoke finished I need to put the sleeve stitches on holders. No questions asked.

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