Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Meet Rachel

Rachel is one of the owners of Spincycle Yarns. She just finished Koivua and it is beautiful. I borrowed a few pictures from her Instagram page.
Koivua is a top-down circular yoke sweater that features stranded colorwork and texture created with simple knit and purl stitches, making this an engaging yet not difficult sweater to knit. The sleeves balloon gently and are finished with a simple, classic i-cord. The body and sleeve lengths are easily adjustable, keep in mind changes will alter the yardage required.
You can purchase the pattern for Koivua on Ravelry.
You need two different colours of worsted weight yarn for the sweater. Rachel used Dream State in the colour The Family Jewels as her contrast colour. Our shipment from Spincycle has left Washington State and should be in the store tomorrow. The Family Jewels will be in our box - 20 skeins of the beautiful colour.
Rusted Rainbow (above) and Mississippi Marsala (below) are also in the box.

What happened to the weather? Oh my goodness. Yesterday I had to put the air on in the store and today I put the heat on.

I started Slow Curves last night. Joji writes an amazing pattern.

This morning I made a new banner for the front page of the website. I know that you aren't supposed to be proud of yourself but I think I did a good job. I am starting to understand the program that I bought to make banners. There is a bit (a very large) learning curve. Yes, I love Cathy's pictures!

One of the specialties of my dad's construction company is arena floors. They go into older arenas and redo the pipes and concrete pad. Lucy had fun running through the sand this morning.
She walked through freshly poured concrete as well. That didn't make anyone happy. Thankfully it was in area that no one would notice.

We are having dinner guests tomorrow so I washed the floors and cleaned the kitchen. Now I'm tired. It's time to watch The Amazing Race and then bed. Of course I'll knit a few rows. I won't make it to the next colour on Slow Curves tonight but I'll make a good effort.

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