Tuesday, May 21, 2019


Vintage DK from Primrose is a dream to work with.
Guthrie is growing. I am obsessed. I forgot how much I love fair isle knitting.

More colours of Vintage DK are on the way and should be here tomorrow afternoon.
Sweet Dreams

This is Hedgehog Skinny Singles in Bloom. It will be my first colour for Slow Curves. I started the shawl in the store today and then there was a knitting needle problem. Somehow it got caught in the zipper pull of my backpack. We had to take the stitches off to free the needle. Think Dumb and Dumber - that was Lynn and I.

After dinner we went to the store to plant flowers.
We had a long rope so that Lucy could run around the parking lot while we worked. She didn't even get out of the truck. She is three going on 10. That dog likes to sleep.

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