Monday, May 20, 2019

Happy Victoria Day

Dad and I braved Terra today. Boy was it jammed.
The colours are always so inspiring.

When you shop with my dad there isn't a lot of stopping to smell the flowers. Get in and get out. We did a lot of damage in a short period of time.
My planters at the door have pretty flowers.
We bought plants for under the tree in the island as well as for the planter box on the shed. There are a few plants for the huge planter that Beth plants. I don't think we bought enough so there will be another trip (or two).
I have five more planters to fill but we didn't have enough room in the truck.

Noro Kureyon is now on the website. I am fairly sure that we have a few more colours in stock but Lynn and I will confirm and add to the website this week.

If you are thinking about making the Log Cabin Afghan, please don't get too caught up in the colours. Every ball has a lot of colours in it. There could be one colour in a ball that you don't like but when the whole afghan is finished you won't notice it.

I did some shopping for the store this afternoon. We are going to have shawl cuffs in the store

These gorgeous, one of a kind leather cuffs add a little something extra to that stunning shawl or cowl. The cuffs are handmade in British Columbia by the Knox Mountain Knit Co. and no two will ever be the same. The cuffs are made by upcycling leather belts. 

These cuffs are a must have for your knit wardrobe! 

Knox Mountain Knit Co gave me permission to use some pictures from their Instagram page. We don't know what will be coming - I ordered 30 so that we can get them in the store ASAP. Some will be plain and some will be fancy. 

We will have two new magazines in the store on May 31.

I received an email from Tiffany at Twill & Print and the next set of enamel pins should be shipped to us later this week.

Now it's bed time. The fireworks have kept me up this weekend. Our neighbours thought it was a good idea to start setting them off after 11pm the last few evenings. Hopefully they have run out and it'll be a quiet evening.

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