Tuesday, August 07, 2018

One Kit Two Shawls

Diana used a Fading Point Kit from Autumn and Indigo to make Sandscape (the triangle shawl on the clothes line). She had a lot of yarn left over so we made Free Your Fade.

This shawl was created to be your favorite shawl pattern! Really relaxing garter stitch with engaging eyelet rows and endless color possibilities. It would be gorgeous knit up in one color, but you can just as easily use 20! I’ve extended the color melt sections for an even more cohesive fade, with easy instructions to add as many fade sections as you would like! The shawl is light weight and perfect year round when knit up in fingering weight yarn, but don’t let that stop you from knitting it up in any yarn weight you prefer to the size of your choosing!
Free Your Fade is huge! I love it. Diana used all five colours and kept going until almost out of each one. She started with the darkest colour and worked to the lightest.
Both shawls are easy to knit.

I have 74 rows to go on Time Trades. The Amazing Race is taping but it isn't the best show for knitting. I need to pay attention to what the teams are doing. I hope to get a few more rows done tonight.

Thank you to everyone who has commented so far on yesterday's post. It looks like we should make the kits for Slow Curves with an extra skein.

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