Monday, August 13, 2018

Alpacas = Knitting Related

There are a few ways I can get home from work and one takes me on back roads past a little farm. Alpacas. Goats. An Ostrich. An Emu.  Peacocks.
It's located at the corner of Book and Smith Road. This is on Book Road between Glancaster Road and Southcote Road.
Dad and Beth have taken to feeding the animals. All our leftover fruits, vegetables and bread are packed up daily and one of them stops to feed their friends. There are benches to sit on and at night families stop with their kids. Dad and Beth love giving their food to the kids to give to the animals.

A lot of the goats are numbered. This is 18. According to dad and Beth he is mean to the other animals.

I was out of the house early today for an appointment with Trish. Then onto the store to water plants and a stop at Ancaster Community Services. They are doing their annual back to school backpack drive. Dad and Beth spent a bit of money at Walmart on Saturday so we dropped everything off. I realized I didn't have much to blog about so I stopped at the farm for pictures. There are Alpacas so it is knitting related.

I've been making my class notes for Camp. I think that my Brioche handouts are just about finished. My students are lucky. There is almost no homework. Now I'm making swatches and more swatches.

I spent some time on the Camp Fashion Show as well. We have a lot of garments coming from Rowan. The Fibre Co. is sending us 12 garments. Then we need to add in samples from the store. This is going to be our best Fashion Show yet. As the Fashion Show is finishing on Friday evening a newsletter is sent to the students with a list of all the garments and the link to their patterns on Ravelry. This makes it easy for them to find the patterns that they like. This takes some time so I started today. Here is a portion of last year's newsletter.
I've spent a lot of time typing today so now it's time to knit.

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