Monday, August 20, 2018


This is Espe (pattern purchased on Ravelry) in Arranmore Light. I'm using a bit larger needle than the pattern calls for and love the texture. I just finished the first skein. My guess is that 3 skeins will make the size that I want. It is an older project that I brought out yesterday because the pattern is super easy to follow. The wrong side rows are purled - I like to call these relax rows.

The sleeves are finished on my Comfort Fade Cardi. I was going to pick up the front band yesterday but I ended up with a migraine. I couldn't concentrate on getting the correct number of stitches picked up. I would have rated it as a mild migraine so I could knit a bit but I couldn't sit and write a blog post.

I spent time in grocery stores today. Our Uncle Jim is turning 65 in a few weeks. He loves ketchup. On everything. And I mean everything. I bought 65 bottles today (between 3 stores). We are giving him 5 and the other 60 are going to Ancaster Community Services for their food bank.
People were giving me very funny looks at Fortino's. I tried to explain but it didn't help. I'll tell you that a buggy full of ketchup is hard to push.
65 bottles of ketchup take up a lot of room in the kitchen.

I totally forgot something when I hit Publish. Espe might look familiar. We used one Freia Yarn Bomb (coming soon) to make our store sample.

Now I'm going to hit Publish again and get back to my knitting.

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Laura said...

The ketchup is the perfect gift! Love it.