Sunday, December 21, 2014

The sad tale continues...

Yesterday's post wasn't an hour old when this text came from Beth.
Seriously. I might make her go back to garter stitch. :)

Here is the bag of the sadness.

Beth brought her knitting over last night and I got her fixed and on her way.

It's Sunday evening and I just came home from having dinner with Beth and the dogs. I'm happy to report that her latest cowl is on track. She has two more rows and then casting off. Fingers crossed she gets it finished.

I'm onto the second ball of Flor de Maio - the cowl in Classic Elite Chateau. I used a candle holder for the picture. You have to make due with what's around. The colour is way off in the picture - silly pot lights. Take a look at yesterday's post for the true colour. The pattern is easy to follow and I would recommend it for your first lace project. Bigger needles. Not a lot of stitches. The pattern repeat is only 10 stitches so after a few repeats you know what the rest of the row will be.

It looks like Homeland is a repeat tonight so it'll be early to bed. I think it could be a busy week in the store. 

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