Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Guest Blogger

Hi - It's Beth.  I am guest blogging because Julie is so filled with the Christmas spirit that she agreed to cast on my cowl for me - 240 stitches!! (This is Julie reading the post before hitting publish - she said 140, I agreed, then she changed it to 240 stitches.)  Happy day for me!  I actually think that this is a really good deal for her since the new cowl is very easy knitting so the chances of me messing it up are very slim (let's hope).

Cathy came by with Christmas goodies today.  One of the treats she makes us all the time are Rice Krispie squares and on special occasions we get a Rice Krispie Bear.  When we were in Detroit in November we shopped at Williams-Sonoma and bought Cathy a Snowman cake pan.  (yes it was a selfish gift - we knew there was a Rice Krispie Snowman in our future).  Here he is:

He will not look like this for long.

Quick break for snacks:)

OK - I'm back - Don't worry Snowman is safe.  Cathy made us some really great sugar cookies too!

Sometimes I have this really strange (but nice) experience in Julie's store that while I am there - usually delivering a tea - someone will say "Hi Beth".  I say hello back and then spend the next few minutes trying to figure out how I know this person.  I end up asking Julie and she says "Oh, they know you from the blog".  So if you are a regular reader of the blog and see me lurking around the store, please say hi - it makes me fell like a celebrity.

Trying to talk to Julie - she is counting.  Should I let her know that it doesn't have to be exactly 240 stitches?

I want to wish you all a great Holiday Season.  Thanks for being such great friends and customers. All the best in 2015 - keep on knitting!


Julie Ann said...

Love your Guest Blog. Merry Christmas to you both.

Lois Evensen said...

That Rice Krispies Bear is a hoot! :) Love it. Just want you to know I always enjoy your blog. Merry Christmas!

Dayana Knits said...

I'm catching up with weeks of blog posts because of a move, and I just want to chime in to say hi to Beth and that she can come back and guest blog any time! (well, maybe she has already, lol, I'm going over the posts historically)

Unknown said...

hi Beth and Julie, i've been on the blog, missing Ontario, your store and reading the blog. Beth, your notes are always funny and make me giggle. Julie, i seriously consider your blog one of the most interesting, fun, transparent blogs i read. thankyou. hopefully ill get to pop into the store this summer when i am back. Happy Winter from Canmore! Sue Pigott