Friday, December 12, 2014

I'm on a roll

I finished the cowl last night. Rasta is very addictive. The yarn is super soft and is so nice to knit with. And very quick. You can't beat a cowl in an evening.
Pattern: Textured Cowl (free on Ravelry)
Yarn: one skein of Rasta in the colour Zarzamora
Needles: 15mm

If you've made a cowl and find that it is too big, don't rip it out. I'm against ripping out. :) Instead try a shawl pin. It will hold the cowl in place and looks great. Jewelry for your knitting.

I'm going to make another one with a small change to the pattern. I think that the cowl could be taller and not quite as wide. The pattern calls for 48 stitches but my next one will be 42 stitches.

Here it is started - this one is in Azules.

I still haven't started my Christmas shopping. I'm going to give you ideas until Christmas in case you are like me and still have people you need presents for.

Knit Blockers by Knitter's Pride
A novel and original idea to block knitting projects…….guaranteed to make knitting lives easier!! 
The ease of handling the blockers substantially speeds up blocking on all types of project 
The design helps maintain even tension across the width of the blocking pins 
Ideal working on blocking straight edges like sweaters, shawls and scarves 
Anchor holes in each blocker allows the user to attach string along large sections which can be pulled and pinned to maintain consistent tension 
Made using tough plastic with embedded sharp, sturdy & rust resistant stainless steel pin
Two different sizes to manage different shapes when blocking 
Designed by knitters for knitters

How about Survivor this week? There is nothing like a blindside. And that was a blindside. Some one's girlfriend might not be very pleasant this week.

Picking a winner for The Amazing Race is getting tough. I like all the remaining teams. Sometimes it's better if there is a team you don't like so you have someone to root against.

It's home time. A quick dinner out (Harvey's is calling my name) and then TV and knitting. I can justify the TV because I need to finish the cowl :)

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