Tuesday, August 18, 2020

My London

Rowan’s launch is September 1 and I can’t wait to see this book. The patterns are beautiful. The garments pictured are all knit in Alpaca Classic.

I love this wrap!

Multi coloured or solid? That is going to be a tough decision.

What a stunning poncho.
Cheryl sent an email today with a picture of The Shift that she just finished.
She used Dyed in the Wool - Shades of Earth, Stay out of the Forest and End of Summer. The colours turned out great.
I thought you might want to see how the colours came together....gorgeous!!  I am going to have to do several more of these!  Love working on them.
Not only fun...but quick! 
Mr. UPS delivered our box from Cocoknits this morning and the website has been updated. We have more Flight of Stitch Markers.
For anyone who’s not sure which style of Cocoknits stitch marker to try first, here’s a handy sampling. Just like a wine or craft beer tasting 'flight', our Flight of Stitch Markers offers a wide variety of styles and sizes to experiment with! 
Each of the five types are in rainbow colors - ideal for the Cocoknits Method - and come in their own little Kraft paper tubes of 24 markers each for easy storage and transport. Perfect for gifting, beginner knitters, or anyone curious about branching out in their marker array. 
I love these. I have a package in my knitting bag and another at home. I always have a stitch marker available when I need one.
Needle Gauges were in the box. They are so cute.
My planters at the store weren’t looking good so dad went and bought me two new planters. These are going to last until the first frost.
My Find Your Fade isn’t growing. I am going to sign off and knit for 1/2 an hour before bed.

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