Saturday, August 08, 2020

Mode at Rowan

The new Mode at Rowan magazine for fall has great designs. These are the colours featured in the magazine.

Earlier this week I showed the garments from Rowan #68 that were knit using Alpaca Classic. There are more Alpaca Classic garments in the Mode collection. Yes, those are knit trousers. The pattern will be in the magazine.

I was pulling colours of Hedgehog for a customer and this happened.
A gorgeous combination for Find Your Fade. It didn’t come home with me. Today. You never know, it could happen on Monday.
Photos © Andrea Mowry
You can purchase the pattern for Find Your Fade on Andrea’s website.

I have a few more pictures from Jean of the Find Your Fade that she knit for her friend Elaine. Jean did a great job. She has knit one for her daughter as well. Maybe she’ll make one for herself.

I have knit this shawl three times and would definitely do it again.

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Lois Evensen said...

What pretty colors for shawls for Fall. This summer is going very quickly for us so shawls will be very welcome when the weather turns cooler. We are staying home and finding plenty to do here. Love your pup, too!