Wednesday, August 26, 2020


We have new shawl cuffs from Knox Mountain.
These are Original Ring Shawl Cuffs and Slim Ring Shawl Cuffs. The only difference is the width of the leather band and the size of the ring. The length is the same.
I’m trying to add as many yarns as possible to the website. Jawoll Twin is a great fingering weight yarn from Lang. I’m not calling it a sock yarn because you can use it for other projects as well.
JAWOLL TWIN gives you the same characteristics and is produced from the same wool as the classic JAWOLL. JAWOLL TWIN is wound into a ball on the repeat, so you will find that each ball has an identical gradient dye repeat. Thanks to unique digital printing technology JAWOLL TWIN exhibits very delicate gradients and knows no limits when it comes to the number of colours involved!
We are taking out the back garden at our house. We back onto a farmer’s field and it didn’t matter how much work we did the garden was always full of weeds. Also, Boscoe loved to jump in there and run through the plants. There will be artificial grass right to the fence.

Then dad took the dogs to the office.
Boscoe loves going in grandpa’s truck. All the windows are open and the wind blows through his hair.

Rowan Magazine #68 is on the website for preorder. I hope to get the other magazines up tomorrow.

Big Brother is taping and I’m going to spent an hour knitting on my Rock It Tee. I have a few more increase rows and then I will be dividing the sleeves and the body.

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