Thursday, August 13, 2020

Find Your Fade

This happened this afternoon. I have been putting together colours for Find Your Fade for customers and I need to make another one. You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry.
I was winding the first colour (Villian) when I looked down to see I already had a part ball in the sewing room. 😂 I’m using the old ball and will have a full skein wound for another day. Or if someone needs Villian I can send the wound ball.
This is my first Find Your Fade. Villian is the second colour in this one.

This is Churchmouse’s Striped Linen Stitch Wrap. You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry. I was looking for something on the blog and ended up on a post from September 2017. I thought I would share pictures of this shawl again - it is gorgeous.
Our fervent love of linen stitch continues. The eight-color wrap and four-color scarf take on a convincingly woven look. Knitted length-wise, with knotted self-fringe, they look like they’re right off the loom. The ‘wrong’ side has a more knitterly seed stitch look that’s gorgeous, too. Seemingly random striping sequences are quite forgiving—if you run out of a color, just throw in another! 

Here are a few more colour suggestions from Churchmouse.

2 skeins each 145-Treacle, 196-Barn Red; 1 skein each 153-Phantom, 186-Tawny, 172-Ancient, 175-Cinnamon, 157-Camel, 190-Stone
2 skeins each 173-Duck Egg, 161-Avocado; 1 skein each 190-Stone, 184-Celadon, 197-Alabaster, 165-Scree, 177-Clay, 185-Frozen
2 skeins each 159-Carbon, 195-Boulder; 1 skein each 191-Granite, 172 Ancient, 194 Delft, 190 Stone, 177 Clay, 197 Alabaster

I love Coast. Lynda needs a new project - this could be it.

Now it’s time for bed. Who am I kidding? I need to do a few more rows before bed.

I almost hit ‘Publish’ and then realized that I didn’t mention the yarn for the Striped Linen Stitch Wrap. It is knit in Rowan Felted Tweed. I’m going to let you in on a little secret - there are new colours of Felted Tweed coming in October.


Lois Evensen said...

Oh, my, I'm in love with those bright colors at the beginning of your post! Fabulous!

Candice said...

Oh, Julie, your first Find Your Fade colours are stunning. I’d like to make mine just like that and may have some of the yarn in my stash. Would you please list the colours and the amounts you used? Thanks, Candice

Julie said...

Hi Candice
Here is the link to my project on Ravelry with all the colours. I don’t know how much I used - I don’t weigh my skeins when finished.