Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Field Guide No. 15

The newest Field Guide from Modern Daily Knitting should be arriving tomorrow.
Modern lace. From the playful imagination of Jeanette Sloan come five patterns that let us explore the magical effects that come with simple lace techniques. The fun here is the variety of yarn weights and the gorgeous lace patterns—it all looks utterly fresh and clean
How often do you get to make a five-foot-long scarf with only 26 rows? Here we see what happens when we cast on 278 stitches, then settle into an angular tumbling blocks lace pattern. 
The amazing thing? When you’ve finished one repeat of the stitch pattern—26 rows of yarnovers and decreases—you’re done. 
Instructions are for two versions, one in light fingering weight yarn and one in aran weight yarn.
This looks like an interesting scarf to knit. I think it would look great in Tosh Vintage Elizabeth Taylor.

In typical Jeanette Sloan fashion, this shawl is full of surprises. She upends the idea of the traditional triangle shawl by eliminating the pointy part, creating a trapezoid shape that is easy to wear and eliminates the possibility of Jemima Puddle-Duck Shawl Syndrome, aka the shawl that points straight to your bum. 
Another construction surprise: the shawl is made from point to point, beginning with only four stitches. This allows us to get the hang of the rib lace pattern and the increases in small doses. By the time we arrive at the center panel, we’re ready to take on a new lace pattern—a geometric swath of tumbling blocks. 
Instructions are for two versions, one in light fingering weight yarn and one in aran weight yarn.

I finally added some kits for Newleaf with short sleeves to the website. Now I need to add more kits for the long sleeve version.
I was taking pictures and threw the extra skeins on the ground. I’m not sure why I snapped a picture of this combination but I liked it so I did it for a few more.

There hasn’t been much knitting in my world. Maybe tonight. I’m almost finished the 2nd ball of Hedgehog Merino DK for my Tweedy Shawl.
We do have some skeins of Tweedy left if you want to make the shawl like the original.

Dinner is finished and the Columbus-Tampa Bay hockey game is in the 4th overtime period. I need to go and watch. I’ve been watching since the puck dropped. Yes, we can watch the TV from the dining room table. Can’t everyone?? 😘

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