Monday, March 16, 2020

Store Hours

There has been a lot of discussion between Beth, Lynn and I about the store and COVID-19. Here is the message that went out in a newsletter this afternoon.

We have been carefully monitoring the developing news on the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Ontario and worldwide. With the recommendation for social distancing, we have decided to offer curbside pick up only starting Wednesday, March 18. The website is up and running and we will be shipping out orders.

The physical doors of our store will be closed, but I will still be here to get your order ready. We ask that you make your purchases through our website or by email. I can email a picture if you would like to see a colour.

If you are local and ordering online, use 'In Store Pickup' for your shipping option. The order should be packed within an hour for pickup - we will call you the minute it is ready. When you arrive at the store, give me a call (905) 648-1994 and I will bring the yarn out to you.

The pick up time will be between 11am and 4pm, Tuesday - Saturday.

Like I said, we had a lot of discussions about this. I know that everyone needs yarn and shopping in person is great but for the time being this seems like the best solution.

The latest issue of is live.
This is a shawl inspired by a yarn, a yarn that is inspired by flowers. "Blossoms" are dyed as knitted blanks. Dyes are washed over the blank, building layer upon layer, creating seamless shifts from one color to another. Colors blend and overlap and a complex, cohesive colorway is developed. Striping two different colorways together allows the colors to shift and interact as you knit. 
To start, Bidicot begins as a "V" shape—with my favorite decrease—a CDD (centered doubled decrease) creating a defined line from the cast-on that continues to the bind off. Once the width is reached, stitches will be "moved" from one side of the CDD to the other, turning the "V" into an elongated triangle. Tassels polish it off. 
Here is the link to Bidicot. 

We have many colours of Blossoms in stock.

I was supposed to fly to Myrtle Beach on Saturday - I'm going to wait until the end of April and try to go then. There are some chores that I need to do there but they can wait. I'm sad for many reasons including the new sweater I was going to cast on for the trip.
Another Newleaf. It was going to be one of these combinations. I always start a new sweater when I go away. Now I'm going to knit away on the three sweaters that are currently on my needles. With social distancing I should have lots of knitting time!

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