Monday, March 23, 2020

New Colours

Before I left the store I snapped a few more pictures of the new colours.
There is going to be a new project very soon. I can feel it.

I received some great pictures this afternoon.
These came from Cathy. The top is Fading Point knit with tosh merino light. I love these colours. Below is Lemongrass knit with Cascade Eco +.

Claire sent two projects as well.
2½ mm & 3.0 mm  Lang Yarns Jawoll Color Superwash

Pattern Raituli.  CO 132 with 3mm. Used 3mm for the whole hat. Top made by knit 10 & knit 2 together, etc. Certainly not warm enough for -23 weather. She quickly traded for a warmer hat after the photo. Will be lovely when it warms up.

Thank you team for helping chose yarn.
Claire double stranded sock yarn for the dog coat. How cute!

Pattern is Dog Sweater for Small dog by Brian Herzog
I rushed earlier today to finish my post. I wanted everyone to see our announcement as early as possible. Then I realized that you didn't see all the new colours from Hedgehog. Maybe there is something that you need. All the new colours should be on the website.

There won't be any knitting tonight. It's bed time. I want to get to work early - there are boxes to be packed.

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