Monday, March 02, 2020


I've been racking my brain for today's post. We didn't receive any new yarn today. I didn't knit today. What am I going to write about?
We did receive needles. More Addi Rocket Squared arrived today.

A massage for your hands! The combination of slightly rounded squared edges and a uniquely textured tip surface promotes positive ergonomics when in use – stimulating circulation and reducing tension.
The needles sit perfectly in the hand and can be held effortlessly. This is especially beneficial to those who may struggle with grip issues such as arthritis, etc. 

More points of focus. The longer tapered Rocket points make sliding into the tightest or most intricate stitches a breeze.
And, as with all addi® circular needles, the transition from tip to cord is seamless thanks to precise German engineering and our perfectly pliable blue nylon cords. 

It’s all about the texture!
 Not only does the surface of the Rocket² promote comfort while knitting, users will quickly realize that stitches stay on the needle – where they belong (think of it as a no-slip tip).
And, thanks to the texture’s spacing, you will experience perfectly even stitches every time.

Got gauge?
 Fear not, our new addi® Rocket² needles can be gauged on your addi® needle gauge just like their rounded cousins.

I went back through my pictures so that I had something to show and this is from March 3, 2019.
My first Throwback. I'm just slightly further on my new one. This time I am working in the round and will cut my knitting at the end. It's okay. I've done it many times so I'm not worried.

From March 1, 2018 - my newly finished shawl called Kimba.

From March 5, 2017 - the start of my first Find Your Fade.

Boscoe knows that he isn't supposed to be in my chair. He is supposed to be in the chair next to mine with the blanket on it. Okay, he's supposed to be on the floor but that isn't enforced. Tomorrow night is graduation from puppy school. Beth and Boscoe have been practicing for the past 1/2 hour and it doesn't look good. He knows what he's supposed to do and most of the time he does it but there are periods when he is definitely a puppy.

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