Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Rowan 66

It's 9 days until the release of Rowan Magazine #66.
There will be two sections to the magazine. The first is called Bookbound.
A collection of classic yet modern, timeless knitwear. Photographed in the historic university town of Cambridge and using Rowan’s best loved yarns, using a tran seasonal palette of greys, blues, browns and greens, with a colourful mix on highlighted garments.
Rowan has produced a Lookbook for the garments in this section of the magazine. Take a look.

Fingers crossed the next shipment of Shawl Cuffs will arrive tomorrow morning. We will get them photographed and on the website as fast as we can.

Don't forget to take advantage of Andrea Mowry's birthday sale on patterns.
Save 30% with code LEO until 8/7/19 at midnight EST
Photos ©Andrea Mowry
I have knit a lot of Andrea's patterns but I still need to make What the Fade (purchased on Ravelry).
Quadruple your fading fun!! This shawl starts off with back to back fades thanks to beautiful, bouncy two color brioche! We then end with an epic band of all 6 colors faded together with some relaxing garter stitch! To celebrate this amazing fade, we’ll finish it off with faded tassels, and then wrap it around and wear it all year long! Included in the pattern are links to helpful video tutorials! 

Take a look at the more than 2500 projects on Ravelry. There are some amazing colour combinations. Colours you would never think about putting together and they look fabulous.

It's Amazing Race evening which means a few more rows on Guthrie. It's almost time to figure out how long I want the sweater. I'll go through my closet and measure the length of my favourite finished sweaters. I find this is the safest way to get the perfect length. A little trick that works because I am knitting on Addi Turbo needles. This won't work for wooden needles. I won't cast off the sweater when I block it. Then I can put it on when it's dry and decide if I need a few more rows of ribbing or if I need to take a few out. If you are working with wooden needles put the stitches on a piece of wool. You can put it back on the needles to cast off.

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