Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Number Five

Nightshift (number five) is finished. Alex completed my cast off and blocked it for me. Thank you my finishing elf.
Lynda finished Birch and it is beautiful. The shawl is light and airy. You won't even know that you are wearing it. You can download the pattern on Ravelry (it is free). We used 3 balls of Rowan Cashmere Haze on 5mm needles.
The pattern is written for both a stockinette and garter version, your choice (the difference that even rows are either purled for stockinette or knitted for garter) and measures a generous 80" wide and 40" deep. Knit flat, starting from the long straight edge down to the point, this triangular shawl looks beautiful flowing free and open or gathered in close.

©Andrea Mowry
I played with with colours of Dyed in the Wool and Tough Love Sock for the Stonecrop Pullover (or Cardigan).
The kits have four skeins of Tough Love Sock which will make a finished bust 46".

I will try and get them on the website tomorrow. Lynn and I have created a bit of a mess in the store that we need to clean up. Tosh sport and pashmina have new homes. We found a new spot to highlight our Churchmouse patterns. Manos Serpentina moved in the front room to make room for Rowan books. It's been a huge chain reaction.

I've been knitting on Guthrie (the first sleeve has been cast off and I am six rows into the second sleeve) when it hit me that I didn't finish my post. Now it's bed time. We have a busy day tomorrow.

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