Friday, June 14, 2019

Old Vine

This is Old Vine (pattern purchased on Ravelry) from Knox Mountain Knit Co.
Knox Mountain Knit Co. is Sasha and Willow, a design team from Kelowna, BC. Their fresh designs reflect their passion for knitting and are inspired by the gorgeous landscapes of the Okanagan Valley.
Yes, the same Knox Mountain that we get our Shawl Cuffs from.
Located in the Interior of British Columbia, with wine production dating back to the 1850s, the Okanagan Valley is one of Canada’s oldest and largest wine regions. Today, the Okanagan Valley has been well established as one of the world’s best grape-growing regions, boasting over 200 vineyards and producing over 60 varietals. 
Old Vine is a top-down, one skein shawl designed for that extra special skein of fingering everyone has in their stash. To maximize yardage, the border can be knit until you have just enough left for bind-off!
What a great one skein shawl.

Donegal Cottage Tweeds left the US today and we should see them on Tuesday or Wednesday. I can't wait!!

Spincycle should be arriving next week as well.

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Stay Ready

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Tessa said...

Oh, my! That wrap is stunning!