Saturday, December 01, 2018

What the Fade?!

Andrea visited today wearing her What the Fade?! It is beautiful. Andrea is not afraid of colour and does a great job putting together wild and amazing combinations. Now I want to make this.
Quadruple your fading fun!! This shawl starts off with back to back fades thanks to beautiful, bouncy two color brioche! We then end with an epic band of all 6 colors faded together with some relaxing garter stitch! To celebrate this amazing fade, we’ll finish it off with faded tassels, and then wrap it around and wear it all year long! Included in the pattern are links to helpful video tutorials!
©Andrea Mowry
The tassels are a great addition to the shawl.
©Andrea Mowry

©Andrea Mowry
I think I might have a small Andrea Mowry problem. 😉 I have ten of her patterns in my Ravelry library. And she has a new one coming out next week.

Lucy came for a visit tonight. She was lying at the top of the stairs but couldn't see anything. From this vantage point she could look out the front window and see what was happening in the neighbourhood. She's a bit of a nosy dog.

We had guests for dinner tonight and they've just left. I think I might have an hour of knitting in me before I fall asleep.

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