Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Time Out

Nightshift is finished (thanks Lynn for sewing in my ends) and I'm wearing it as I am writing. I love it.

The Throwback is going on a time out until the next shipment of Dream State arrives. I don't like (okay - I hate) how my colours are playing together. I think the last colour has too many colour variations in it - I need something a bit more solid. It's okay. There is lots of time before the Frolic.

Here are a few of the Singles from Life in the Long Grass.
Cactus Moon Soil
Light Beam

We have a new yarn from Urth. Monokrom Fingering.

We received colours 3051 - 3064. You can see them all here.
Mr. Roko is doing great since he's been on his Thyroid medicine. He runs (kind of - he's 12) and he loves to get onto the couch. For the longest time we had to help him but now he can jump up on his own.

We forgot to turn the lights on on the tree last night. I kind of like it with no lights but can't tell Beth since it took awhile to add all the lights. I might suggest going lightless next Christmas.

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theresa said...

The shawl is stunning!