Friday, December 14, 2018

Rare Fibre

Did you know that there are two types of Alpacas?
The huacaya with its fluffy sheep like wool and the suri with draping locks of lustrous silky fibre. 
Suri produce a rare beautiful fibre unlike that from any other animal. The best known suri trait is the outstanding natural lustre but it also has a beautiful feel.
Blue Sky Fibers has two new patterns. Each pattern takes one skein of Brushed Suri and the pattern is free when you purchase the yarn.
Suri pairs the halo-like look of mohair with a much softer hand, gorgeous drape and a beautifully brushed surface. A versatile DK weight, it knits up beautifully on large or small needles for a wide range of gauges in colors that range from soft pastels to bold brights.
Knit in the round with a gentle rolled brim, the Brushed Suri Hat is a quick knit and exquisitely soft. This hat is lightweight and great for all seasons.

Soft, stylish and a quick knit, the Brushed Suri Mitts are a must have for any season. The airy halo of this yarn give these mitts an elegant coziness.
I haven't knit much on my latest Nightshift but I hope to tonight. I am using Ito colours 6 & 8. We only have one ball of each in the store. Don't worry - more is on the way. The supplier got it out today and we should have it on Wednesday or Thursday. Maybe sooner. You can call or email to reserve the colours.

I was so tired last night that I forgot to set my alarm. Thankfully Beth made noise this morning and woke me. I've already set it for tomorrow morning. I'm getting up bright and early to be ready for a busy day in the store.

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Lois Evensen said...

The fingerless gloves are an excellent idea for My Honey for Christmas. I made some for him a few years ago in soft and he is still sleeping with them on because of arthritis in his hands. I'll have to get those needles clicking to make it by Christmas! ;)

Merry Christmas!