Monday, December 31, 2018

New Year's Eve

I was in the store early this morning to meet dad (and Lucy) so that we could get the final measurements for the new display. Dad and Beth are at the workshop now cutting and we will be assembling tomorrow.
Someone did not want to be in the store. I tried to take her picture but she was very stubborn (she gets that from my mom). She wanted outside to run around.

Diana finished another store sample for us. On The Spice Market (pattern purchased on Ravelry).
We made a few changes to the pattern. The main colour (cream) is Silk Garden Sock colour 269. Instead of using mini skeins for the contrast colours we used Silk Garden Sock colour 349. Diana used one ball of 269 and two balls of 349.
Are you searching the souk for treasures? 
You’ll find one in On the Spice Market, an asymmetrical triangle shawl featuring a zesty mixture of textures, slipped stitches, and short rows. 
Its generous size lets you style it a variety of ways—however you do, you’re sure to get compliments! 
The garter stitch stripes and contrast slipped stitch rows are perfect for showcasing a gradient of colors.
The end of the shawl is on the right of the picture - the stripes of browns and rusts. In this section we should have had some cream stripes but we ran out of colour 269. If you want the stripes then you will need another ball of yarn. We made the executive decision that the stripes weren't needed. We also tried to keep the cost of the shawl down.

Nightshift is finished. Lynn is going to sew the ends in and I am going to block it this afternoon or tomorrow. I used Noro Ito in colours 6 and 8 for this one. If you like the colours of my original shawl (4 and 12) they should be arriving on Wednesday afternoon.
I thought I was finished my post and Ms. Canada Post came in with a big box of Opal sock yarn. We have a lot of new colours.
Opal The Birthday Party has arrived.

We have 5 colours from the new Butterfly Collection.
The colorful and magical world of butterflies has inspired us to the collection Opal Butterfly. 
When the "pupated beauties" turn their first "soft flutter" into an "artful wing beat" and start a "sunny flight", then nature becomes even more colorful and happy. 
Caress your own "elegance" with Opal Butterfly, whether with socks, shawls or a sweater. From Opal everything can be knitted.

Opal sock yarn is 75% wool and 25% polyamide - made in Germany. You can throw your socks in the washer and dryer - dad and Beth do and they look brand new after many washes.

Have a safe and happy New Year's Eve. I will not be awake at midnight. Dad will have us in the store early tomorrow to work 😪(I didn't know that there were this many Emojis. Apparently this is a sleepy face).

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