Friday, December 28, 2018

It's all about the colour

Here are a few more colours from GarnStories that I haven't shared.
Vanilla Skies
Flying High
Last Call
Magic Mint
Neptuns Segen
Sushi mit Belushi
Funky Bizz

We are not adding the GarnStories to the old website. Fingers crossed the new one should be up and running in a week or so. If there is a colour, or colours that you need, please call and we can do a mail order over the phone.

We had friends over tonight for game night. They just left and I checked my emails. There are going to be a few good parcels arriving in the new year.

Bamboo FlexiFlips from Addi are on the way to us.
Cast-on to an effortless new method of knitting socks, cuffs, hats, and many of other projects which are worked in the round, with the addi® FlexiFlips – now in BAMBOO! Made specifically for North America, these specially designed 21cm circulars (3.5" tips with 1" cord) rest comfortably in the hand, and act as flexible double pointed needles. Easy to use, stitches are simply distributed over two needles, and then knit with the third - resulting in only two needle changes per row.

Spincycle is sending us more yarn. Meet Huldra. This is a new colour in Dyed in the Wool.
End of Summer
Shades of the Earth

Spincycle wasn't able to send us all the colours we ordered but we will be receiving 21 colours of Dyed in the Wool and 5 colours of Dream State. I will get the colours added to the website as soon as they arrive.

Now it's bed time. I would love to knit a few rows but I can't keep my eyes open. Hopefully there will be knitting time tomorrow night.

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