Saturday, December 08, 2018


Nightshift was a bit damp this morning when I brought it to work but I wanted to get it hanging in the store. We'll sew the ends in on Monday. Okay, Lynn will sew the ends in on Monday 😉I love the size of the shawl and it really softened up with the soaking in Soak.

Pattern notes for knitting Nightshift in Noro Ito

Make sure that you are knitting on a needle that is large enough. I knit a touch loose and used 5.5mm. If you are anywhere near tight then please use 6mm

You will repeat Section One throughout the shawl. I used Noro Ito #4 and #12 for my shawl.

The first time through Section One
A - #12
B - #4

The second time through Section One
A - #4
B - #12

Keep alternating A and B throughout the shawl.

I called Beth on my way home from work and asked her if we could put up the Christmas tree tonight. She was non-committal. When I got home the tree was half up. She had already started when I called - she was trying to surprise me.
There are a few stuffed bears under the tree. These are our bears that dad brought home from Myrtle Beach - the money paid for the bears is donated to St. Jude's. Beth is donating them to the toy drive they are doing at work. Roko was in a funk all evening because he really wanted them.
I didn't remember how many decorations we have. There is still another box that didn't make it onto the tree. 
Now I need to go to bed. I was on my way an hour ago and then got into my Throwback. I'm into the colours and loving it. It is definitely a 70s basement.


Catriona Baird said...

Love the pictures Julie!

Joanne said...

Lovely Nightshift! Did you follow pattern or add more rows? Looks quite a bit larger than others I have seen...

Julie said...

Hi Joanne. I did not add extra rows. It is actually less rows than the original. I used Noro Ito which made it bigger.

Joanne said...

Thanks! I am using Noro Ito myself- 5.5mm needles. I am a tight knitter so may be smaller I guess :))

Unknown said...

Did you use just one skein of each colourway? I’m trying to work out how much yarn I’ll need. It looks absolutely beautiful!

Julie said...

I used on ball of each colourway. We have notes that we give you with yarn purchase on how to work the two balls.