Thursday, November 01, 2018

Second Colour

I ordered new sock yarn today and we should see it next week. Lang has introduced Lang Jawoll Twin - a self striping yarn in 50 gram balls. There is an identical colour gradient in each ball which means that your socks will match perfectly.
I made it to the second colour. Someone asked me what colours I am using. All three are Rockshelter Sock.

Old Lace
Opium Den

Meet the Namaste Knitter's Portfolio. My fingers are crossed that they will arrive in time for Christmas.

Messy needles equal a messy mind. 

Clear your needles and clear your mind by organizing them in our Knitter's Portfolio. Crafted from vegan leather, finished with our Signature 4-Lotus Lining, this needle organizer also includes a sheet of needle size stickers. This generous case was created to bring order and peace to your needles.

  • 20 vinyl pages hold 20-50 sets of circular needles
  • 20 fabric slots for interchangeable tips, double pointed needles, or crochet hooks 
  • 2 inner sleeves, one with velcro, to stash a pattern or interchangeable cords
  • 1 outer zippered pocket for notions
  • Includes a sheet of stickers to help organize your different needle sizes

The colours will be black, grey, petal, plum and teal.

If you joined us for Camp this year I will be sending you an email tomorrow about 2019. We'll be ready to announce to everyone next week.

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