Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Scarf in a Day

We received new colours of Alpaca Classic from Rowan.

Kim Hargreaves used Alpaca Classic in her newest magazine Pale.

Churchmouse Yarns and Teas has an amazing pattern for a shawl knit with Alpaca Classic double strand.

This free pattern creates a graceful shawl you can throw around your shoulders or over the back of a chair with equal elegance! In straightforward stockinette stitch, it’s the perfect project for newer knitters or accomplished knitters. The Simple Stockinette Wrap is great for some ‘zen’ knitting between more complicated projects! 
We held two differently colored strands of Rowan’s Alpaca Classic together throughout this plush wrap. DK-weight Alpaca Classic has a cotton net at the core of its strand that captures an abundance of alpaca fuzz. When held double, this yarn creates a sublimely soft, squishy fabric that’s perfect for snuggling!

The shawl is knit with white and light grey. We are out of white and should have more at the beginning of December when our supplier receives an order from Germany. I put together a few interesting combinations.
122 and 111
101 and 102
126 and 101

Alex is working on another Shift. She bought a new winter coat and these colours are perfect.
The colours of Dyed in the Wool that Alex is using are
Salty Dog

We have a new yarn.
Bibi is a thick and thin yarn with lots of character and a handspun look. 
This colour is 11
There are 128m on a 200gram ball.
60% wool
25% acrylic
15% cotton

We are knitting a scarf on 12mm needles. The pattern is called Bibi Rigolo and it is free on Ravelry. The scarf takes one ball and they are $30 each.
44 (This is the colour that I am knitting with)

Alex knit a few rows for me while I was helping a customer. She never knits on needles this large. She was very impressed by how fast the scarf was knitting.

We're ready to start Survivor and I should finish the scarf tonight. I love a project you can knit in a day.

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