Thursday, November 22, 2018

Night shift

I was able to knit a lot today. Our flight was at 10:30. We were up at 5 and at dad’s by 6:45. He is looking after Roko while we are in Vegas. The drive to the airport wasn’t fast but it could have been a lot slower. Check in, security and customs went pretty quick. Our flight was over an hour late leaving. I was happily knitting but I would have liked to have been in the air. There was a problem with the plane’s computer so parts had to be changed. I’m all good with the wait. I knit the whole way and really like how Nightshift is working up. You don’t want to stop when you knit with Noro - you say ‘just one more row’ so that you can see what colour is coming next.

Tomorrow afternoon we are going to see the Knights play vs. Calgary. Beth’s hockey shirt made the trip. In my carry on bag. Just in case a suitcase went missing and she didn’t have her shirt for the game. 

It is only 6:30 in Vegas but 9:30 in my time. I’m exhausted. We had a light dinner and now I’m going to lay down. I might sleep through the night. Well, until 5am. The mall opens at 6 :)

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