Thursday, November 08, 2018

Holding my breath

We all spent time today playing with Dyed in the Wool.
Lynn and I packed a lot of orders that went out this morning. By the time we were finished I needed to head home to let Roko out. I didn't get back to the store until late afternoon. After chores I came up with some combinations of Dyed in the Wool for The Shift. More time would have meant more combinations.
Tell-Tale Heart
I am in love with this combination.
Mississippi Marsala
The Saddest Place
Burning Sensation
Grumpy Birds
Tell-Tale Heart

I sent a message to Spincycle this afternoon to see when our next order will be ready. We have already sold out of colours of Dream State. Alex will be able to finish a few of her projects before making my Nightshift. I'll wait until the next shipment to pick colours.
While I was at home with Roko this afternoon I started filling my Knitter's Portfolio. UPS brought our Namaste order first thing this morning. No waiting. No phone calls.

I made it to the third colour. I've been holding my breath. I was worried I was going to run out of the second colour. My scale is out and I've been weighing every few rows. I'm going to make it but not with much left over.
Now it's bed time. Roko had me up a few times during the night. I really want to keep knitting and see how the new colour looks but I can barely keep my eyes open. Tomorrow I will share pictures of my Namaste Backpack. There are so many amazing features. It fits a lot of stuff!

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