Sunday, November 18, 2018

Christmas Stockings

Beth and I have been making Christmas Stockings. The first one I made was a trial to see how the pattern worked and to see how much yarn we used. You can make the stocking in a few evenings. It was super fast to knit.
The yarn is Cascade Magnum. I need to block the stocking but that might not be until we get home.

I used 50 yards of the Ecru and 25 yards of the Poinsettia. There is enough left from the skeins to make another stocking like this and then one more reversing the colours. This stocking is going to hang in the store - it doesn't go with my Christmas colour theme.
Beth's first stocking was in Freia Super Bulky. She used almost the full ball for the stocking. She knit from the inside of the ball and then she went from the outside for the heel and toe.

You need a 12mm, 40cm circular and 12mm double pointed needles.

The pattern is called Knit Before Christmas Stocking and it is free on Ravelry. There are a few rows of Short Rows in the heel. They are super simple - please don't let this stop you from making the stockings.

Beth's second stocking. We used tosh vintage held with Prism Plume.

I would have loved to hang them for the pictures but I don't have hangers. We tried last night at Urban Barn, Bed Bath & Beyond and Canadian Tire. Nothing I liked. I will try Pier 1 tomorrow.

We are going to make a few more in the dark denim/teal colours to hang on our mantle.
Beth is going to use the same colour but a ball that is wound in the opposite direction. She will start with blue and work towards beige. The beige will be used for the heel and toe.

Tosh ASAP in first light and fog.

A few more yarn suggestions
Malabrigo Rasta (on sale for 30% off)
tosh ASAP
Uneek Chunky

I'm finished the knitting on the Nicole Cowl - the puzzle is almost finished. Now we need to add the fringe to one edge.

Dad and Lucy made it home safely. They did it in 14 hours. I think that dad might have been exceeding the speed limit a little. It's a good thing that I wasn't with him. He wouldn't like to stop for the bathroom breaks that I would need. Beth has driven with him twice. She barely drinks so that she doesn't have to stop.

Now a few more rows on Free Your Fade. I should finish in the next few evenings and then I'll be ready for a new project to take on the plane.

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