Saturday, November 24, 2018

Christmas hits Vegas

It’s 2:30 in Vegas and we’ve already walked over 10km today. Vegas is getting ready for Christmas. This amazing tree was at the LINQ Promenade. 

The Louis Vuitton window in Crystals.

The Bellagio.

The Conservatory will be closed on Monday for the Christmas display to go up. It is still decorated for fall.

No matter how many times you’ve seen it you still have to stop and take pictures.

The fountains were dancing to Viva Las Vegas.

I did a few more rows before bed last night. Our hotel room doesn’t have the best lighting but I think this shows how great the colours are coming out. I’m going to do a few more rows now - Beth and I are in the room resting. It was another early morning and we are heading to the arena tonight to see the Knights play again. San Jose is in town.

I’m posting now because last night I barely got my post finished in time. Today I will be early.

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