Friday, November 09, 2018

Alternate Combinations

We had some snow this morning in Ancaster. YUCK! The good thing is that I can pull out my winter sweaters and start wearing them.
You can fit a lot in the Knitters' Backpack. I had all this in the main compartment with room to spare. There are more pockets on the front for holding keys, cell phone, gum, passport, boarding pass...

  • XL Oh Snap Pouch
  • KnitKit
  • Headphones
  • Loaded Buddy Case
  • Glasses
  • Wallet
  • iPad (the same size as a laptop)
I didn't notice this until last night.
Contains a luggage strap across the back to wrap around your rolling luggage handle as you walk through the airport 
Beth and I are flying to Vegas in a few weeks. We booked this a while ago so that she can see her favourite hockey player James Neal who was traded from Vegas to Calgary. Calgary is visiting on November 23. We fly on the 22nd - American Thanksgiving. By backpack will be coming along.

©Andrea Mowry
Andrea Mowry used beautiful colours for Nightshift. We have sold out of most of these (they will be coming I just don't know when) so I came up with a few more combinations.
The Family Jewels
Stay Ready
Shades of Earth
Robin's Egg
Mississippi Marsala
The Family Jewels
Pussy Willow
Shades of Earth
Robin's Egg
Mississippi Marsala
Heart Sigh
Devilish Grin
Mississippi Marsala
Rusted Rainbow
Neveruary (this skein is from a different shipment and the colours are very different)

There is no cause for concern. I had a mammogram this morning - I've been getting the 'you've turned 50 and it's time for one' letters. I have been ignoring them but found out on the weekend that a good friend has stage 4 breast cancer. I called right away and made an appointment. It took 10 minutes and I'm not sure why I put it off. My friend is asking everyone she knows to make sure their mammograms are up to date. I'm going to pass this along.


Candice said...

The third Nightshift combo is outstanding!

Mary Lou LaGrassa said...

Mammograms shouldbe a yearly gift to yourself! I have been faithful doing that and at 80 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I told my surgeon I was too old for this. She informed me “ the older you are the more your at risk” I had a Mastectomy and was Zero stage, no Grafurther treatment needed.

Many older ladies haven’t had a Mammogram since Menopause. So now, in October I go to Senior facilities in our area and give a talk. Call it “Get your pink on!”

The number are horrendous . 1 out of 8 women will get it. 250,000 will be diagnosed with it each year and 40,000 will die!

Please, please get a yearly could save your life.

Mary Lou La