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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Knitter's Tote

We have a new yarn from Noro. Meet Ito. Each ball has 32 different colours in it. The colour changes are quicker than most other Noro yarns. There are 400m (437 yards) on a ball.

The yarn is worsted weight and one ball will make this cowl. You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry or it is free in the store with the purchase of the yarn.

Yoko Hatta’s poncho-like wrap--made up of two rectangles worked in a basic eyelet chevron pattern-is the perfect complement to fall in the warm hues of Ito colorway #12. Garter stitch borders the lower edge and one side edge, contributing to the scalloped lower hem. The front and back are seamed on the non-garter edge and the top edges, creating an opening for the neck.
You can purchase this pattern on Ravelry.

For this lap blanket designed by Christine Lipscomb, separate triangle motifs are crocheted in the round using four colorways of Ito: 1,6,8 and 10. Work double crochet into only the back loop each stitch to create a ridge on the right side. The triangles are then joined with a crochet slip stitch on the right side, again forming a ridge and creating the patchwork effect.
Purchase the pattern on Ravelry.  This looks like a really fun crochet project.

We are going to have a new bag from Namaste next week. Meet the Knitter's Tote.
Our Knitter's Tote Bag was mindfully designed for those who need to make sure they have all their essentials. With plenty of room for your cardigan, your latest reading book or planner, and several knitting projects, the Tote is ideal for those who want to carry all their everyday belongings. Crafted from vegan leather and including knitting specific features like our Lotus Yarn Feeder (turns your handbag into a yarn bowl), a key leash (doubles as a tape-measure), and a decorative tassel (equipped with an emergency stitch marker), the Namaste Knitter's Tote is designed to help you find Knitting Nirvana wherever you are.

  • Designed Specifically for Knitters - Sturdy Vegan Leather - Lots of Pockets - BPA & PVC-Free
  • Comfortably fits the Namaste Small, Medium, Large, or X-Large Oh Snap Pouch (not included)
  • 1 interior zipper-wallet pocket, 1 pocket divider with 7 snaps (a built in Oh Snap project pouch!), 1 water bottle caddy
  • 1 large front exterior pocket with magnet closure, 1 large back zippered pocket for your phone

 The Tote can hold a lot.

Sometimes there is too much action in the store for me to think and write so I left work a bit early and went home to work on a newsletter. I had one almost finished but had to rewrite part of it. I highlighted Dream State from Spincycle Yarns. Our order sold out so fast that there was no point keeping it in the newsletter.

We have a lot of Dream State and Dyed in the Wool on order. A lot. 160 skeins of each yarn. I hope we will be receiving more soon.

GarnStories has left Germany and is making it's way to us. I am tracking the box and my guess is another week.

I've spent enough time in front of the computer today so it's time to pick up my needles. The end is near on Free Your Fade. One and half more sections.

Monday, November 12, 2018


Have you started your Christmas knitting?? Here are a few suggestions.
The Uber Cowl takes one skein of Cascade Magnum and the pattern is free.
Magnum is a 100% Peruvian Highland wool in a super bulky weight of 2 stitches per inch! Your projects will fly off the needles and you'll be done before you know it. Our Magnum is a designer favorite with the huge color palette and is ideal for sweaters, hats, scarves, home decor, and more. Let your imagination run wild!

The pattern for this shawl can be found on the label of each ball of Rainbow Autumn.

Rainbow Autumn is a luscious blend of 50% wool and 50% cotton, the perfect combination for drape and excellent stitch definition. Wool blended with cotton enhances its ability to retain its shape, and greatly improves wrinkle recovery. By combining the memory of wool with the cooling effect of cotton, this superior blend offers unrivalled resiliency, breathability and flexibility. 

Rainbow Autumn is a slow colour gradient which means there are no colour repeats, no colour pooling, no extra colours to buy and best of all, less ends to weave in!
Rainbow Autumn packs a walloping 680 meters per 200-gram ball! That's more than enough for a generous shawl, a toddler sweater or even a small baby blanket. The possibilities are endless!
There are 6 colours and we have them all in stock. The yardage is great. The colours are great. The pattern is free on the ball band. And the best part - they are $25 a ball.

Beth and I just got home from dinner with a childhood friend and her son. Her youngest who is 16. Yikes. When did we get old enough to have kids that old??? It's 9 and I'm ready for bed. Yes, I am that old 😂😀

Sunday, November 11, 2018


Free Your Fade is growing. I need to do four sections in the last colour and I'm half way through the second one. There could be a bit of knitting tomorrow - I'm spending time with Trish. It's hair day.
I'm knitting with Rockshelter Sock and highly recommend the yarn.

A box of Rockshelter Sock (25 colours) arrived in Myrtle Beach yesterday. Dad will bring it home with him and we should see it just before Beth and I go away on November 22.

Meet Humus - a brand new colour.
Humus is variegated with the colors of a forest floor: cinnabar, rust and red wine, bittersweet yellow-oranges, apple and olive greens, jewel-like spruce greens, caramel and chocolatey browns.
Raku Glaze

He is also bringing home a box from Cocoknits. These are perfect stocking stuffers.
  • Keep your metal bits and tools close at hand with the Maker's Keep.The silicone slap bracelet sports a brushed steel-plated magnet, has measuring lines for inches and centimeters on the underside, and fits any size wrist. 
    Originally designed to hold our row counter, stitch markers, and yarn snips — any steel accessories will cling to the magnet, so it is perfect for makers of all kinds. Knitters, sewists, hair and clothing stylists, fly fishers, or weekend warriors will all find it handy to keep nails, screws, pins and endless small items close at hand while creating. 
    • bracelet: 10× ³/₄"
    • magnet: 1¹/₂× 1¹/₂"

    • Our new Limited Edition Triangle Stitch Markers are designed with an angled shape to stand out from your knitting. They slide easily along your needle, and the bold black & white colors are visible against any yarn color. 

       Each set of markers comes in an adorable logo-stamped steel tin with hinged lid - includes 6 of each size and color (36 total) and accommodates needle sizes up to US6/4mm, US9/5.5mm, and US11/8mm. 

       Tin and markers all cling to the Cocoknits Maker’s Keep or any magnet. The tin is sized to fit on our Maker’s Keep. Throw in a few of your other Cocoknits markers in for a perfect on-the-go knitting travel container!

    • Beth and I decided to start watching New Amsterdam. We just finished the second episode and so far I would highly recommend it. Now I need to turn the TV off or we will end up doing 'just one more episode' until it's one in the morning.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Bulky = Fast

Today is a super bulky kind of day. It is cold here in Ancaster. Thankfully we haven't had snow like they did north of us.

The colours of Freia Super Bulky are amazing. We've used the yarn for many projects.
Hand Painted Super Bulky Gradient Yarn
Super soft single ply. Freia's process creates a strong yarn that is lofty but with very little pilling. This yarn is dreamy!

100% wool
80m (87 yards)
150 gram ball
8 stitches = 4" on 12mm needles
Spun and handpainted in the US
Alex mixed Freia Super Bulky and Tosh ASAP to make the Beginners Brioche Scarf.
People often ask me if my patterns are good for a knitter that is new to brioche. I try to make all of my patterns beginner friendly but this one is designed especially for beginners that want to learn how to knit two color brioche flat. Length is customizable and the bulky yarn knits up fast!
The Big Hat is a super easy knit. You need one ball of Freia and there is enough yarn for the great pompom.

Great news for people who want to knit with super bulky yarns. Knitter's Pride is now making 9mm, 10mm and 12mm, 40cm (16") circular needles. Until now we used double pointed needles to make The Big Hat.

This super easy cowl takes one ball. It is my pattern and it is free when you purchase a ball of Freia Bulky.
One ball of Freia Super Bulky will make Jet Setter.

Beth knit the Fernanda Circular Scarf with 2 balls of Freia Bulky.

Beth is home and we are catching up on TV shows. Beth has started a new project with Freia Super Bulky and I will show pictures on Monday when it's finished.

Friday, November 09, 2018

Alternate Combinations

We had some snow this morning in Ancaster. YUCK! The good thing is that I can pull out my winter sweaters and start wearing them.
You can fit a lot in the Knitters' Backpack. I had all this in the main compartment with room to spare. There are more pockets on the front for holding keys, cell phone, gum, passport, boarding pass...

  • XL Oh Snap Pouch
  • KnitKit
  • Headphones
  • Loaded Buddy Case
  • Glasses
  • Wallet
  • iPad (the same size as a laptop)
I didn't notice this until last night.
Contains a luggage strap across the back to wrap around your rolling luggage handle as you walk through the airport 
Beth and I are flying to Vegas in a few weeks. We booked this a while ago so that she can see her favourite hockey player James Neal who was traded from Vegas to Calgary. Calgary is visiting on November 23. We fly on the 22nd - American Thanksgiving. By backpack will be coming along.

©Andrea Mowry
Andrea Mowry used beautiful colours for Nightshift. We have sold out of most of these (they will be coming I just don't know when) so I came up with a few more combinations.
The Family Jewels
Stay Ready
Shades of Earth
Robin's Egg
Mississippi Marsala
The Family Jewels
Pussy Willow
Shades of Earth
Robin's Egg
Mississippi Marsala
Heart Sigh
Devilish Grin
Mississippi Marsala
Rusted Rainbow
Neveruary (this skein is from a different shipment and the colours are very different)

There is no cause for concern. I had a mammogram this morning - I've been getting the 'you've turned 50 and it's time for one' letters. I have been ignoring them but found out on the weekend that a good friend has stage 4 breast cancer. I called right away and made an appointment. It took 10 minutes and I'm not sure why I put it off. My friend is asking everyone she knows to make sure their mammograms are up to date. I'm going to pass this along.

Thursday, November 08, 2018

Holding my breath

We all spent time today playing with Dyed in the Wool.
Lynn and I packed a lot of orders that went out this morning. By the time we were finished I needed to head home to let Roko out. I didn't get back to the store until late afternoon. After chores I came up with some combinations of Dyed in the Wool for The Shift. More time would have meant more combinations.
Tell-Tale Heart
I am in love with this combination.
Mississippi Marsala
The Saddest Place
Burning Sensation
Grumpy Birds
Tell-Tale Heart

I sent a message to Spincycle this afternoon to see when our next order will be ready. We have already sold out of colours of Dream State. Alex will be able to finish a few of her projects before making my Nightshift. I'll wait until the next shipment to pick colours.
While I was at home with Roko this afternoon I started filling my Knitter's Portfolio. UPS brought our Namaste order first thing this morning. No waiting. No phone calls.

I made it to the third colour. I've been holding my breath. I was worried I was going to run out of the second colour. My scale is out and I've been weighing every few rows. I'm going to make it but not with much left over.
Now it's bed time. Roko had me up a few times during the night. I really want to keep knitting and see how the new colour looks but I can barely keep my eyes open. Tomorrow I will share pictures of my Namaste Backpack. There are so many amazing features. It fits a lot of stuff!