Monday, August 06, 2018

I need your help

One of my planters gave me colour inspiration for Slow Curves.
Fuse Moorland
Long Dog Single Through the Woods
LITLG Single Crush
Primrose Adelaide Batty

I am making up some kits for Slow Curves and need your help. The kit has 4 colours. According to Joji's yardage, I will need 2 skeins of the third colour for most of the kits. When I look on Ravelry at finished shawls, it looks like we can get away with 1 skein of the third colour.

Do I put in the extra skein? If you don't use it then you could be upset that you spent an extra $40 on the kit.

I don't put in the skein and you run out. Then you are super upset.

Which is better??? Please leave a comment at the bottom of the post.

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I've spent today writing a newsletter and I think it's almost ready to go. I was writing about Camp and remembered something that Beth wrote for me a few years ago.
Knitting Camp is nothing like the camp you attended as a kid. At Knitting Camp you get to choose your day’s activities. Go to class, sleep in, take a hike - totally up to you. Super comfy accommodations with someone else making your bed. And the food is incredible and seemingly endless. The one way it is like camp though, is that you will make great new friends who you will look forward to seeing year after year. Come as a group, a couple (non-knitting partners love camp too!) or on your own. Don’t worry you’ll all be included in the fun.
Last night we had a birthday party for my Uncle Phil. He is my mom's brother and is mentally handicapped. He lives in a Salvation Army home and they are amazing! The staff loves their work and definitely aren't paid enough for what they do. He has a small apartment with two room mates. Johnny and Bobby. They have lived together for years. We had a small party first and then all the residents came for another party. Phil was so excited. He got a Beatles Tshirt for his birthday and was wearing it proudly - he loves the Beatles. Being there made me thankful for many things. It also puts life in perspective. Sometimes (okay, most of the time) I worry about the smallest things.

Dad and I had dinner with Aunt Rene and Uncle Bob tonight. It's great getting together with family. Where was Beth? It was Club Championship weekend at her golf course. She played well Saturday and Sunday. Today wasn't as good but it was good enough. She won.

Now it's time to knit for an hour before bed. My needles have been calling to me all day.


Lynda said...

I would definitely pay extra to be sure I had enough yarn to complete. If I ended up with a complete skein of yarn, I would find something else to make with it.

Anonymous said...

As for your kits...i’d Rather have too much then not enough. Plus many great on skein patterns out there.

duchess2 said...

By all means put in the extra skein of yarn it will be a start of another shawl.

Anonymous said...

You could offer the extra skein as an add-on option and explain the situation in the item description... That way the customer can decide.

Margaret Mackenzie said...

I would rather have the extra skein and not need to worry. I can always use the extra in some other project.

Sally said...

I agree. If you let the buyer know up front then they will be aware of that. Also, my thinking would be, heck I'll buy two kits and have enough left over for socks or mittens or a scarf or ???!!!

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of optional skein attached and explain why. Otherwise put it in.

Anonymous said...

I would want the extra skein, better safe than sorry.

Candice said...

Put in the extra skein!

Kim Burton said...

Extra skein for sure! Another pair of spectacular socks are always welcome : )

Unknown said...

If you are putting together kits, could you offer a half skein? I know it's more work for you to offer it that way but you could build that into the price.

Unknown said...

Optional choice of extra skein is my preference. I like the half skein idea but it is likely too much work to make it worthwhile.