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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Finished Projects

Linda finished her Fading Point. Oh my goodness. I want!!! Do you know the IKEA commercial where the wife is yelling 'Start the car!'? I wanted to yell that and take off with the shawl.

Her colours are
Uschitita Days Like This - we are out of this colour but Primrose Adelaide Thrash looks good with the other colours
Skinny Singles Dove
Uschitita Vanilla Sky
Skinny Singles Monarch
Fuse 2020 (one of our one of a kind colours)

I had my post almost finished (it's only 11:30 but I've been here since 8:30) and Linda came in. Change of plans. I'm saving today's post for tomorrow.

Then Cathy sent an email from the cottage.
She finished a 3 Color Cashmere Cowl. The yarn is a Party of Five kit from SweetGeorgia. This colourway isn't available yet. It's new for fall and I was able to get a kit at TNNA. We should have the new colours at the end of August.
Here is my second cottage finish. I used the Sweet Georgia kit you gave me. I adjusted some of the pattern sections to accommodate the amount of yarn in each colour but the number of rows are pretty close to the original pattern. 
I have a feeling that Cathy isn't going to get to wear this. Sarah might pack it in her suitcase and take it home. And if Sarah doesn't take it I will.

My post was finished and scheduled when Kathy came in with an amazing shawl.
This is Find Your Fade knit with a special kit from Meadowcroft Dyeworks. The yarn is called Silk Traveler. It is 70% superwash merino and 30% silk. I ordered the kit because I loved the colours. When I blogged about it Kathy came in and grabbed it. I'm glad she did. It would still be in a bag at my house and the yarn is so beautiful it needs to be shown off.

I thought I was finished and Jean came in with her Rainbows in the Gorge. She was unsure about her finishing. She did an amazing job. The back is grafted. From top to bottom and it is perfect!
This is a Cheshire Cat So Fond of Rainbows Kit. The colour Jean used is Spectrum of Moonlight.
Thanks Linda, Cathy, Kathy and Jean for sharing. You made today's post easy. And really pretty!

I thought about saving some pictures for tomorrow but I couldn't wait to show of these beautiful projects.

Dad and Lucy came for a visit. I'm not sure that this looks comfortable but Lucy was happy.

Golf is on the TV in the store. I was texting Beth about it while writing my post and this is what I got back.

I hope the puppy is a little less stubborn than Lucy.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Chunky Knits

Rowan Chunky Knits is another new pattern book coming for fall. This one uses Brushed Fleece and Big Wool. These are great designs knit on big needles.

There are so many amazing patterns coming from Rowan for fall. Choosing is going to be hard.

This sweater looks so cozy. I think I'm going to need it.

The good news first. Our next shipment from Hedgehog Fibres is on the way. All new colours in Sock and Skinny Singles are in the shipment. Canada Customs is still holding one box from our last shipment. Maybe next week. It'll be interesting to see what arrives first.

The bad news is that our order from Meadowcroft Dyeworks (Rockshelter Sock) won't be here until Tuesday. It was mis-sorted and went to Minnesota. I placed many phone calls trying to get them to rush it to us since it was their mistake. No luck. It was shipped Standard Ground so they were going to continue shipping it that way. I could pay more to speed it up. Yup, their mistake which they've admitted. Anyway, it's given us time to rearrange a lot of other yarns and we'll get the box on Tuesday.

In anticipation of the box arriving we moved Rockshelter Sock back into the fingering weight room.
The fingering weight room is looking great. There is so much more room to walk around. It's almost scary. I might need to order more yarn :) The same can't be said for a few other rooms. Next week we tackle the front room.

I still haven't started the second sleeve on my Comfort Fade Cardi. There was no time in the store to sit and knit. Maybe Sunday afternoon. Lynn could have the body of her's finished tonight. I'll get some pictures tomorrow because it is looking so good. So Good!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

You're never too old

The Open started today - golf for those of you who don't follow sports. I was up at 5:15 to watch. I still haven't picked up the second sleeve on my Comfort Fade Cardi so I was knitting away on Fading Point. Then I had a small cry. My last two colours are too close. And I am finished the first side. The second side is only at the third colour so I'm going to use a different fourth colour on this side to see how it looks. Then I'll have to rip out the first side. :(

Lynn's comment "it must really be off if you are going to rip out - you don't rip out" She's right. I don't but I will this time.

Here are some pretty pictures from Mrs. Crosby. The new colours for fall.

I stopped and had breakfast with dad on the way to work. He's normally out of the house at 6:30 and off to Toronto. He wasn't feeling well this morning (he's okay, it was his excuse for staying home and watching the golf). I gave my gardens a good water when I got to the store. My hostas are so big and can't seem to get enough water. Then I had an idea. That always means trouble.
We're hanging Hedgehog Skinny Singles. This is a much better way to show off the colours. There is one small flaw in my plan. The grid can't hold all the colours. The more solid colours will live on the shelf beside the grid.
So this opened a can of worms. Now we are moving more and more things. Lynn is joking that I need to wake up early every morning.

Lynn and Alex did a great job getting all the Hedgehog rearranged. Tomorrow Lynn and I need find a home for some other yarns but this section looks good.
Diana finished Sandscape (pattern purchased on Ravelry). It is awesome. We used a Fading Point kit from Autumn and Indigo. 34 Autumn Rose. There was enough yarn left over that she is going to knit Free Your Fade. We are going to have a 5 colour version.

Lucy came for a visit and was really thirsty. She loves water.
I like to play in the water too. I was making rainbows with the water sprinkler this morning. You're never too old to play in the sprinkler.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Gearing up for Fall

Our order from Long Dog is leaving California this week. Yay! More pretty colours. There will be two fingering weight yarns in the order. In Singles there are 31 colours including...
A Pirate's Life
single: 100% superwash merino wool; single ply | 400 yds per 100g | 7-8 sts per inch on US 1-3 needles
Daydream Believer
First Blush
Funny Valentine
New Growth
Octopus' Garden

There are 9 colours coming on the Bounce Sock base including...
Fresh Bloom
bounce sock: 75% superwash merino, 25% nylon; 4-ply | 464 yds per 100 g | 7-8 sts per inch on US 1-3 needles
Through the Woods
Popsicle Stand
Frou Frou Drink
Birthday Cake

I received an email today from Hedgehog Fibres requesting payment for our next shipment. It will be leaving Ireland soon. YAY!!!

That is the happy news. The not good news.

UPS sent my parcel from Meadowcroft Dyeworks (Rockshelter Sock) who are located in Pennsylvania to Minnesota. A bit out of the way. After three phone calls (including a supervisor) no one can tell me when my box will be arriving. I got told to keep watching the website. UGH!!

Canada Customs is still holding the second box of Hedgehog Fibres. There is no way to find out when it will be released. You can't phone to find out where it is in the process. They work at their own pace.

I'm going to finish with happy news. The Rowan boxes are still scheduled to be here for August 1.
Around Holme is another magazine coming from Rowan for Fall. Lots of beautiful tweeds.

The patterns in Rowan Magazine 64 are only available by purchasing the magazine. For all other pattern books from Rowan (this does not include Marie Wallin), you can purchase the book or you can purchase the individual patterns on Ravelry.
My garden is flowering. So far no more visits from the deer. Now I'm starting to worry about them. Are they okay?