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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Started planning for next year

Thanks to all who visited for LYS Day. It was crazy busy all day and we had fun. I have some ideas running through my head for next year. I am going to put these into motion after the Frolic.
I have to show Julie Ann's work. She came in wearing Squared (pattern free on Ravelry). She was lucky that I let her leave in Squared. I almost tackled her and took it :) Now I know that I need to make it.

She used Hedgehog Skinny Singles.
Sorry Not Sorry

The border is Petrol.
Simple modular poncho design with an applied i-cord border. No need to pick up stitches all the way around, yay! You will be holding two strands of different colours for a marled effect. The poncho is knitted in sections that are attached as you go. Easy and fun project, incorporating lots of different colours of fingering weight, so go dive into that stash!

The cupcakes were a big hit. I promise to make sure we have them earlier next year. Now I'm going to put my feet up and knit a few rows. I hope to make it to the next colour before bed but I have a feeling that I will be sleeping sooner rather than later.

Tomorrow is going to be about resting and then Monday the packing starts for the Frolic.

Friday, April 20, 2018


We're almost ready for tomorrow's party. Cupcakes have been ordered. (Cupcakes in Westdale - YUMMY). They should be in the store around noon tomorrow.

I came up with a new combination for Fading Point. We are out of the colours for my purple version. The yarn has been ordered but won't make it in time for the Frolic. It's about a month away from arriving. I'm going to work on one in colours we have so that I can put it on display. You can justify anything if you try :)

One of the yarns on special tomorrow is Kauni. $20 a ball. You need 4 balls to make this great vest that is knit side to side with no shaping. Super simple. The pattern is free on Ravelry.

There are yellow price signs all over the store.

I had to start. But now I must put it down and go to bed. We're hoping for a very busy day tomorrow.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Waving to your Fans

What do you do when you're awake at 6am? Get up and finish your shawl.

Waving to your Fans is cast off. The ends are sewn in. It needs to be blocked but that will happen next week.

Good news. An order from madelinetosh is on the way. We should see it next week.
-merino light
-twist light

There is a special colour called Pebble coming in tosh dk.
This is used in to make Joji's Rugged Coat - the pattern is from Interpretations 5.

There is also an order coming from Atenti.

More Hope Baskets.
More Poppies.

Come on warm weather. My flowers are starting to peek out. Every day they say 'it'll be warmer tomorrow'. When is tomorrow going to get here?

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Another Brickless

Diana knit us another Brickless (pattern purchased on Ravelry). We used Girandola again. One ball knit with 3.75mm needles. The scarf is so beautiful in this yarn. 

I'm almost finished. I need to knit two and a half rows and then cast off. Alex sewed all my ends in today which was a big help.

I also knit a few rows on Fading Point. I've started to fade in the third colour. I love this pattern!

The Local Yarn Shawl is FREE on Local Yarn Store Day, April 21, to everyone who goes to a participating Local Yarn Store and purchases yarn to make it. It doesn’t matter what yarn you buy; many LYS’s are featuring special yarns or you can mix brands. When purchasing yarn, you will receive a coupon code from your LYS which you may use at home to redeem. Please head out and give these brick and mortar small businesses some love! 
If you can't make it into your LYS for LYS Day, you can purchase this pattern online on Saturday.
If you come into the store and get a code, it is only valid for 48 hours after you get it so please make sure you download the pattern right away.

Don't forget that the store will be open at 9am on Saturday.

It's bed time. The next two weeks are going to be busy. LYS Day. Toronto Knitters Frolic. Then the next weekend Beth and I are flying to Myrtle Beach for a memorial service for mom. Maybe a round of golf too. Who knows when we'll be able to golf here.
I'm not sure my parking lot should look like this in April.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


It looks like our order from Uschitita will make it in time for LYS Day. The yarn is coming from Holland so shipping and customs could cause a delay but I am trusting that UPS will get it delivered on time.

I don't know if these colours are in the box but we can hope.

I used Uschitita for my Bambara Wrap. The yarn is great to work with and Steffi's colours are amazing. Ambah's pattern's are well written and easy to follow.

Alex knit Dotted Rays - Speckled Fade for me with Uschitita.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Summer is coming?

I was going back through the blog looking for something and came across a post featuring this pattern. I'm pretty sure summer is coming and this pattern makes the perfect summer accessory.
Cotton and Linen combine for a summery yarn in a popular worsted weight. The linen fiber has a subtle sheen and adds body; cotton adds stitch definition and softness. This yarn gets even softer the more it’s worn and the light and vibrant palette is perfect for warm weather wear. 
Worn as a capelet or a cowl, this quick knit is worked from the bottom up in stockinette stitch. The smaller needles are used for a few rounds at the edges with a larger needle making the loose and lacy fabric.
The pattern for the Hanako Capelet/Cowl is free on Ravelry. All you need is one skein of Hanako.

Two more rows of lace and I'm onto the next colour. I'm going to do a few rows into the new colour and then it needs to be put away. The Trendsetter LYS Day shawl needs has to be finished for Saturday. Actually Wednesday so that the ends can be sewn in.

I made up a few more Fading Point kits today. They are slightly different - the lightest pink. The top kit is #9 and the bottom kit is #10. It has become an obsession.
It's time to put my feet up. I was up early to get Roko fed and to give him his medicine. Then I went to the store to make sure all was good. Off to see Trish and have my hair coloured. Home to Roko. Off to the airport to get Beth. Drop her at home and back to the store to pack orders. Post Office, home, The Works for a burger, home. Bleep! I forgot to get a tea at Tim's. (I know, I could make one at home but there is something about theirs that is better). Back out, fill Beth's truck with gas, get a tea and back home. I'm tired reliving this.

It's good to have Beth home. And now I get to spend the day at work. No more running home every day to let Roko out. I love him but it is 15-20 minutes to get from my house to work. 

Hockey is on and my fingers are ready to knit. Wait. I have one chore to do before that. I have the Look Book for Rowan Autumn Winter 2018/2019 in front of me. I need to go through it again. I can't share pictures or details but I will tell you that it is great!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Great day to knit

Roko and I were up early this morning. He wanted out and I decided to start my day. They keep saying that we could lose power so I wanted to do as much as possible while we still have electricity. Tea has been made. Every 1/2 hour I reboil the water in the kettle just to make sure I have boiling water if we go dark. We've had breakfast. Devices are getting charged.

I worked on a newsletter. I think it is finished and Beth will proofread it tomorrow.

Don't forget about LYS Day on Saturday. Our hours for LYS Day will be 9am-4pm.

I have been working on the special LYS Day kit from Trendsetter. I was going to make the shawl using 2 kits but I think that one kit is more than big enough. I have 6 rows to go but I really need to get back to Fading Point. I'll finish this later.

Why did I have to get back to Fading Point? I was at the first colour transition. I'm past it and into the second colour. It's hard to see which is the point :)

Mr. Roko was loving the weather today. Thank goodness my winter coat has a hood because I spent time outside playing. 
I don't think Lucy likes the new couch.

Now it's time for dinner and a bit more knitting. There was a nap this afternoon so I'm ready for a few more hours - as long as I have light I'm good.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Wintery Day

I made another kit for Fading Point. I really, really like this one. I have a feeling that there will be more than one in my future.
I'm about to start the second lace pattern on my Fading Point. 16 rows and then I get to fade the next colour in.

What a crazy day. It was pouring rain here at 9am. And windy so the rain was coming down sideways. I considered not going into the store because if it froze it was going to be ugly. I got to work before 10 and it was still nice. Cathy sent a text at 10am that they were having freezing rain in Kitchener. I was seeing posts on twitter of freezing rain in the Kitchener area and everyone was saying that it was bad. The freezing rain started at the store at 11. I closed and came home to find it almost sunny and no rain. After an hour I went back to work. The weather wasn't bad. It started again at 3 so I went home again. Now the freezing rain is really coming down. We have an open field behind my house and the wind is howling.

I'm ready for the power to go out. They keep saying that above the escarpment could be bad. Around Ancaster, Brantford and the Hamilton Airport. I'm very close to the airport - we watch the planes land from my back deck. I have three flashlights. All devices are charged. There is water in the bathtub. I have food and water. TV shows are downloaded to my iPad. I'm set. Wait - I need to wind another skein of yarn. My ball winder is electric.

Friday, April 13, 2018

I had to

I couldn't help myself. I had to cast on last night. Here is my Fading Point. I stayed up knitting much later than I had planned. I want a nap :)
Joji writes a fabulous pattern that is very easy to follow. There are charts and written instructions for the lace sections.

Gail sent a picture of her Shift yesterday morning. We love sharing customers finished projects.
I just wanted to show you my finished shift. This was a great project - great pattern, lovely yarn and great finished product. Very satisfying. My yarn colours are Dead Reckoning, Melancholia and Wallflower, although now I don’t know which is which.  
I think I may have to make another!

There will be new madelinetosh colours coming for fall. I saw these today and did an order really fast. There will be 21 colours of tosh merino light and 15 colours of tosh dk. These won't be here until July but I was very excited.

When I go to TNNA in June I will be ordering the new colours on other bases.

Beth is on the golf course this afternoon. The course is called The Heritage and it is beautiful. She met a few new friends.

She's finished and shot 84. Here are our texts from earlier today.

Hamilton Weather Watch
Right now we have a freezing rain warning for tomorrow. Who knows what will really happen but I don't like ice. I'm glued to the Weather Network. I am my father's daughter - he loves watching the weather. Beth was supposed to fly home from Myrtle Beach tomorrow and I was going to pick her up in Niagara Falls. She changed her ticket until Monday. Good for her. Extra golf. More warm weather.

If it's really bad in the morning we might be opening late. If it is bad tomorrow afternoon we might be closing early. Please call if you're coming from out of town.