Saturday, December 15, 2012

Wild Saffron

It's late Saturday evening and I still haven't done my post for the day. Since coming home I have worked on my Groovy scarf. Ball two is almost done.

A new free pattern from Rowan
Knit this women's , the member’s monthly exclusive free pattern for December 2012. Designed by Lisa Richardson and using the luxurious yarn Fine Lace (baby suri alpaca and merino wool). With a delicate stitch pattern, deep ribbed welt and grown on long length sleeves, this knitting pattern is for the experienced knitter.
Since I am on my finishing kick I pulled another sweater out of the pile.

Here is the picture from Rowan's Purelife Autumn magazine for Wild Saffron. Looks cute on her.

Mine is done and blocked. Just need to sew the ends in. It looks terrible on me. You have the same stitch count throughout the sweater but when you start the cables it pulls in. This makes a flouncy, kind of skirt like bottom. Did I say that it looks terrible on me? I know what I am going to do to fix it. I'm going to put the sweater back on the needles at the start of the cables. Then I'm going to cut the sweater and get rid of the bottom. Then I will work down from the cables in stocking stitch but on fewer stitches than I have right now. This will make it hang straight. I've taken the sweater and pinned the sides to get rid of the extra fabric. It looks much better.

It sounds complicated but isn't that hard to do. I won't be doing it tomorrow but when I do there will be lots of pictures.

I really like the yarn-Rowan Renew. I love the colour. Of course. It's purple. There is a lot of knitting in it so I don't want to rip it out. It won't take a lot of time to fix it. Then another sweater. I'm on a roll!!

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Lois Evensen said...

Oh, I so identify with something that doesn't look as good on me as it does on the model in the picture. :\