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Monday, December 03, 2012

Who Knew?

I received an email this morning about Rowan Kidsilk Creation. There are new solid colours-007-012. Who knew?? I didn't. They are ordered and we should have them next week. Still lots of time to get a scarf made (knit or crochet) for Christmas. They take under an hour.
It doesn't look like it in the picture but 009 Wicked is Black.

I'm not sure that I ever had a picture of the Stripes colours so here they are.

The first side border is done and cast off. The black really sets off the colours.

My dad is in Honduras for his annual mission trip. He gets home on Wednesday night so on Thursday I am going to have him get me a large sheet of styrofoam for blocking. Right now I have half a sheet but that doesn't work well for a big shawl.
This picture is from two trips ago to Honduras. My dad is in the back (grey hair and grey t-shirt). The lady in front was just over 100 years old when this was taken. On Sunday dad called mom to say that they went back to her village for a visit. She is still living. She can't see but she knows my dad's voice. He brings her candies-Worthers-the good stuff. She refers to my dad as the young man. He likes that. Over 70 and being called young.

They are really enjoying this trip because they are up in the mountains. The weather isn't nearly as hot. In the morning they need a jacket and it reaches about 78 during the day. Other trips it has been over 100.
This is part of the group mixing cement by hand. It is for the floor of a home. The family is grateful that they don't have to worry about mud in the rainy season. The things we take for granted.

Beth just walked in the door from my mom's. She went to take their dog Tui for a walk. While she was there Dad called and all is going well. Two more sleeps. They are staying in a church hall. No beds. No air mattresses. Just a sheet on a dirt floor. He took a pillow case and is putting clothes in it to make a pillow. His suitcase was so full with tools and treats for the kids that there wasn't room for a real pillow.

Football tonight. I think that we are going to lose our Fantasy Football this week but we did make the playoffs. The Next Iron Chef is on as well. Hopefully I can get the other side of All the Shades of Truth picked up. It takes a long time to pick up 500 stitches.


Irene said...

I love the scarfs, but I love how amazing your dad is. You should be very proud. I wish my dad was still alive, I could use some help with these magnets that are not working, so I completely understand the sheet of stuff you need. But give him till Wed. let the man sleep in a real bed.

Linda in Waterloo said...

That's a sweet story about your young Dad and the village lady.