Sunday, February 28, 2021

Grevillea Shawl

I was able to knit a few rows today and it felt good.

I went back to my Party of Five kits and Ambah O’Brien’s Adventurous Wrap. Garter stitch was an easy thing to knit. I am going to do the first triangle in this kit and the second triangle will be my other kit. As I am getting to the end of my skein I am fading in the next colour. One fade could be ten rows. One fade could be four rows. It just depends on how much yarn I left. If my triangles aren’t big enough (which I suspect is going to happen) I am going to use a third kit to do a few rows on the end of each triangle. That is a problem for the future.

Speaking of Ambah - she has a new pattern called the Grevillea Shawl (pattern purchased on Ravelry).

Gorgeous Grevilleas, a flower native to Australia, come in a wide array of colours. When I was choosing a colour palette for this design, I found myself drawn to light to dark pinky-reds. The airy lace pattern and range of colours remind me of the spiky, loopy flowers of these beautiful bush flowers. The Grevillea Shawl was designed to feature the ten colours of a Koigu Pencil box mini-skein set, teamed with a main colour. Alternately this will knit up beautifully in a single colour: solid, speckle or gradient. An airy, asymmetrical triangle, this shawl will be fun to knit and lovely to wear all year round.
This is a must on my future to knit list. I love Ambah’s shawls and I have some colour combinations in mind. I will try and get pictures tomorrow.
Evolution Sock from Estelle is now available online

With its fun bold stripes and subtle speckle effects, Evolution sock is a great way to make a statement for your feet! It's great for socks, as well as other accessories - shawls, hats, fingerless gloves or even a scarf!

A few more rows of knitting and then it’s bed time. I’m going to spend some time in the store tomorrow. 

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