Thursday, February 11, 2021


Meet the new colours of Highland. Across the top is Topaz. From the left - Black Cherry, Peacock and Hyacinth.

I put together a few combinations for Andrea Mowry’s Throwover or Throwback.

Any three of the four new colours would look great in the sweater or cardigan. I used Silver Mist for the background but Oatmeal would be great too. Or use all four of the new colours - anyone of them would make a great main colour.

Photos © Andrea Mowry
I started a new project last night. Ambah O’Brien’s ADVENTurous Wrap (pattern purchased on Ravelry).

The Adventurous Wrap is made up of 2 top-down triangles. They are both knit first, ending with half of the last row bound off and the other half held on a set of needles. These stitches are then bound off together to join the triangles and create the wrap.

I am using two Party of Five kits to start the shawl. Ambah changes colours every few rows but I don’t want to do that because of the endless number of ends to sew in. I am going to knit the first two mini skeins until I run out. Then I will do the next two and continue doing this until the skeins are finished. I think that my triangles will end up bigger. We’ll see what happens as I start knitting. The next triangle could be the same two kits in reverse order or it could be two new kits. We’ll see what happens. It might not sound inviting but I think you will see my plan as I get to the next skeins. Unfortunately I’m ripping out what I did last night. When I was carrying the yarn up the side I held it in front - I know better than that. Since there wasn’t a lot completed it’s better to take it out and start again rather than look at it and be mad as I’m knitting the rest of the shawl. 

The pattern is very easy to follow and easy to memorize. Once you get going there are only two rows to the pattern. One has increases and one is just knit across.

Take a look at Instagram and see the beautiful shawls. There is one in the top posts that is the colours of Andrea Mowry’s Find Your Fade. It is gorgeous!

I will try really hard to get the Party of Five kits online tomorrow. We were busy today with box two from Harrisville and box two from Hedgehog. Box three from Hedgehog should be coming tomorrow.

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