Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Thank You

I want to say Thank You to everyone who has posted here, sent emails and texts. I’m starting to feel better. Still sore but I’m getting around. I tried to knit a bit this afternoon. My hand was okay but my shoulders are still tender so I’m going to put the needles down for a few days. Lynn did an awesome job in the store today and will continue to do so all week. 

Svetlana Gordon has a new pattern out. Song of Ice and Fire - you can purchase it on Ravelry. Svetlana uses two self striping yarns with a solid for the edging.

A Song of Ice and Fire

This stole matches creative and non-formal boho-style and jeans perfectly. At the same time it’s no stranger to elegancy, and is going to be a magnificent color accent to your favourite dress.

The pattern allows you to change the length and width of the stole as you wish. The rectangular shape allows you to use this stitch pattern for a multitude of objects: scarves, wraps, jackets, poncho, sweaters, decorative pillows and anything else you can think of.

Usually working with short rows requires all the attention. If you skip/add just one row, then the work will go in a completely different direction. But this project will only need your attention at the beginning and the end of each strip. And all the rest of the work you can easily do while enjoying your favorite TV series.

This pattern suits for the knitters that are proficient in the short rows technique.

Photos © Svetlana Gordon

Svetlana’s patterns are a work of art. 
This is another of her patterns called Double Jacquard Autumn Dance. You can find all her patterns on Ravelry.

We have this week’s episode of The Equalizer taped. We’re going to watch and then it’s bedtime. 

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Laura said...

Just catching up with the blog and learned of your accident - it sounds and looks like it was a scary end to Saturday! Take care of yourself and I hope you continue to improve and feel better!!! Laura