Friday, February 19, 2021

21 Color Kits

It’s time to stock up on patterns. Tin Can Knits is having a sale. I just chose a few to show but there are many, many amazing patterns available. Their patterns are extremely well written - I highly recommend them.

Photos © Tin Can Knits

Head to the Tin Can Knits website to purchase patterns.

This pattern is called Snap (another pattern from Tin Can Knits) and it is knit using leftover fingering weight yarn. Something I think that all of us have 😀.

Mr. FedEx came this afternoon with a big box from Blue Sky Fibers. We are well stocked on the 21 Color kits. These kits use the 21 original colours of Woolstok.

Today’s tip
A customer called that her circular needle wasn’t long enough for the shawl she is making. I suggested using two circular needles. Put a stitch stopper on one end of each needle and it’s like knitting with two straight needles.
I suggest Cocoknits Stitch Stoppers.

There was hamburger meat in the bottom of the bowl. She loves to throw the kernels out to get to the meat. Then Boscoe comes and eats all the kernels off the floor.
Yes, she eats lying down. Why get up?


birdscout said...

Hi there!

What is the colour of the 150g hanks in the 21 colours scarf? Is it possible to request a different colour for the 150g hanks?

Julie said...

The colour is 1300 Cast Iron. I will check with Blue Sky if they can do the kit in a different colour but I think the answer is no.